Plymouth Housing Group visit

Adrienne Quinn

Watch Adrienne Quinn and Jonathan Wingard-Phillips’ Night-of Performance

Adrienne and Jonathan from Plymouth Housing Group on Vimeo.

Adrienne Quinn Web HeadshotWhat is your Day Job?

IĀ am the Director of King County’s Department of Community and Human Services, which helps our neighbors in King County by funding and providing direct services in the areas of housing and homeless services, affordable housing, mental health, substance use disorders, employment and education, domestic violence, legal services and prevention and early intervention program for children and youth.

What is your previous dance experience?

Ballet as a little girl and Irish step dancing in high school.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

Because Plymouth Housing Group transforms lives. Since first learning about Plymouth Housing Group twenty years ago at Plymouth Congregational Church, I have seen the care, encouragement and love that Plymouth staff have brought to the thousands of people that they serve. I also know that flexible dollars raised through generous donations that are often the glue that holds organizations together and allows for innovation.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

I work in an open office/bull pen configuration and will proudly display it on our shared work table. I will encourage people to spontaneously dance if they are having a challenging day.

Meet Professional DancerĀ Jonathan Wingard-Phillips

Jonathan Wingard PhillipsJonathan Wingard-Phillips was all but convinced that he had two left feet and no sense of rhythm until he started experimenting with Ballroom Dancing in 2005. He immediately fell in love with partner dancing, but Bachata is his new love. It gives him the opportunity to express himself and be creative with amazing music. The body-rolls, dips, and sexiness of Bachata are just icing on the cake!