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Lena Saba


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Lena will dance the Tango with her professional partner, Travis Booth!


What is your day job?

I left Microsoft after a 10 year career there and have been involved with my children’s school as well as volunteering at a number of Seattle cultural organizations.

What is your previous dance experience?

I had a blast ballroom dancing in High School! I took a number of salsa classes at Century Ballroom in recent years. I have been known to get a dance party started on any occasion when the music is right!

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing?

What is a better way to contribute to the cause of Plymouth Housing who is working to help the most vulnerable amongst us? To put myself in a most vulnerable position! I am stepping out of my comfort zone by putting some dance shoes on and performing in front of 500 people. I am fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family who share the same values and are grateful for what we have. I hope they will join me in this experience and share the fortune of having a home and a community that supports us through life’s ups and downs. And as for the dance, prepare for a surprise!

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

I would consider it not as a sign of an “accomplishment” but rather a reminder of how much more needs to be done to help those of us most in need, those who cannot help themselves due to illness and disability. I would bring it to every social occasion to inspire all my friends to get involved whether it is on the dance floor or in the audience. It will be a token, a reminder that there is so much more we can do to help.