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Jerry Stehlik


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Jerry will Swing dance with his professional partner, Taylor Stender!


What is your day job?

About a year ago I retired from a 36 year career practicing law.  Since then I have taken up welding, tackled numerous home improvement projects, traveled with my wife, spent time reading and doing a variety of other things I enjoy, including running and bike riding.  Now, of course, I am giving some of my time to Plymouth Housing.

What is your previous dance experience?

Growing up in the golden age of rock and roll, I did a lot of free form “dancing” starting with the twist in the early 60s and moving to try many faddish and ill-defined gyrations over the next two decades.  After I got married, my wife and I developed our own style of swing dancing and occasionally get the chance to strut our stuff.  We are definitely legends in our own minds.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing?

There are many great causes competing for money and volunteer time, but I see the homeless problem in this city as one of the most gut-wrenching humanitarian challenges we face.  The problem is growing despite increasing efforts by city government and non-government organizations to address it.  While it may seem an intractable problem, I believe homelessness can be dramatically reduced if effective measures and sufficient resources are brought to bear.  Plymouth Housing has developed and deploys an effective and efficient approach to reducing homelessness and I want to support its good work.  I also think it will be great fun!

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

As all good coaches say, “Just focus on the next game and the season will take care of itself”.  So, right now I am focusing on mastering the fundamentals of my dance, preparing for the upcoming “game” so to speak, with no thought of accolades or how the season will play out.  But, if I let myself dream for a minute, I think I would hang the trophy from my living room ceiling on a slow rotation for a few months until most of my friends see it, and then find a permanent but less prominent location – probably on the piano or fireplace mantel.  I will spotlight it, of course, to give it the attention it deserves.