Plymouth Housing Group visit

Evelyne Rozner

Watch Evelyne and Jonathan’s Night-of Performance: the Bachata!


Learn about Evelyne through our short Q&A!

What is your day job?

As a retiree my day job varies. Errands, provisioning, cooking, sewing, wheel-throwing, reading—you name it. Staples however are cycling, reading The Economist and the New York Times, doing the crossword puzzle, worrying the cats, and volunteering around choice, educational equity, and institutional poverty issues.

What is your previous dance experience?

My dance history is spotty. I have pictures of me in the 1950’s in a tutu and later, patent leather taps. Then nothing until a modern and jazz dance class in high school. In the late 1960’s I taught Israeli folkdance at the temple. Since then? Essentially nada… But I intend to make history on March 11. Look out.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

Why wouldn’t someone dance to raise money so Plymouth Housing Group can do more of what they do so well? Because being safe, out of the elements, and having a place to call one’s own is a precondition to addressing life’s other issues. My downtown neighborhood is awash with folks desperate for such stability. And selfishly, I’m counting on learning to dance to keep the blood flowing and the synapses firing…

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

I’ll be donating my Mirror Ball Trophy back to Plymouth for 2017’s New Year’s Eve celebration at the building of their choice.

Meet Professional Dancer Jonathan Wingard-Phillips

Jonathan Wingard PhillipsJonathan Wingard-Phillips was all but convinced that he had two left feet and no sense of rhythm until he started experimenting with Ballroom Dancing in 2005. He immediately fell in love with partner dancing, but Bachata is his new love. It gives him the opportunity to express himself and be creative with amazing music. The body-rolls, dips, and sexiness of Bachata are just icing on the cake!



Watch Evelyne and Jonathan’s Rehearsal and Interview!