Plymouth Housing Group visit

Jon Scholes

Watch Jon Scholes and Erica Atnip’s Night-of Performance

Jon Scholes and Erica Atnip's Night-of Performance from Plymouth Housing Group on Vimeo.

Jon Scholes Web HeadshotWhat is your day job?

I lead the Downtown Seattle Association, a nonprofit organization that works to create a healthy, vibrant downtown Seattle. I get to work with so many committed and talented people, members and volunteer leaders on the challenges and opportunities facing Seattle. It’s the best job in the entire city!

What is your previous dance experience?

Very limited. No professional training.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

Plymouth Housing Group is a critical organization in our city and for downtown. There are more and more people in our city who need the services and support that Plymouth provides. And we all must step up and do more to help those in need and help those organizations who are leading the way.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

It will go in my kids’ room so they can brag to all their friends that their dad is an award-winning dancer!

Meet Professional Dancer Erica Atnip

Erica AtnipBeing raised in Texas, Erica Atnip was subjected to a steady diet of church, steak and ballet. After decades of wrestling steers in pointe shoes she swapped the arid plains of Texas for the verdant mountains of Washington, where she discovered a new, unlikely passion: Tango. When she’s not roaming the globe in search of adventure Erica teaches Queer Tango classes in Seattle and volunteers her time teaching girls to lead through local community centers and non-profits.