Plymouth Housing Group visit

Emily Heston


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Emily will Swing dance with her professional partner, Travis Whetman!


What is your day job?

I write about food, flowers, finds, fêtes and faraway places on Splendid Market, a lifestyle website. When I am not busy writing I am doing the research and photography to bring my readers inspiring notions.

What is your previous dance experience?

I can still remember trying to straighten the leg seams down the back of the stiff, pink cotton tights I used to pull on for ballet classes as a young girl. These days I love any chance to go for a swing around the dance floor, the only problem is that I have a tendency to try lead which bothers some of my partners. I’m hoping to learn to be a better follower through this experience. I also hope that the dance tights have a little more elasticity to them than they did when I was a youngster.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing?

Plymouth Housing is very proficient about taking care of people. I am so impressed with the comprehensive program they have developed to help the chronically homeless, which is such a serious problem in Seattle. In addition, to help to fund this important cause, they have come up with an event that is supposed to be great fun for both the guests and the dancers, you can’t say that about every fundraiser. I’m honored to have the chance to dance for this event that uses the joys of music and movement to raise funds to bring much needed comforts to people in need, what a winning combination.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

I will place it prominently in my kitchen as a beacon to all who love to dance.