Plymouth Housing Group visit

Leslie Wolford


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Leslie will dance the Lindy Hop with her professional partner, Mark Kihara!


What is your day job?

I am a coffee developer for Starbucks. I travel around the world in a cup of coffee! Seriously though I get the opportunity to discover coffees from all over the world and craft roast profiles and their flavors in an amazing coffee experience.

What is your previous dance experience?

A long, long, time ago my mom thought it would be a great idea to give me dance lessons. I took a little tap and ballet and my mom called me the tiny dancer. I remember I think I was about 10 at the time and at a ballet recital. During the performance the top of my tutu fell down as I pulled my arms over my head and my little flat chest peeked out….it was sort of mortifying….

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing?

To think that I could make a difference by dancing, and to help provide housing and bring someone in off the street? Why wouldn’t I? I see the homeless every day on my way to work and unfortunately in every neighborhood. A person, a family, their beloved pet…it is everywhere. It is heart breaking and epidemic. My home is a place of love, family, warmth, joy and we should all have that.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

Display it proudly on the mantle in the living room for all to see.