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Charlene Strong

Watch Charlene Strong’s performance of the Hustle with Ricki Mason!

Charlene & Ricki LIVE Seattle Dances! 2013 from Seen LIVE with Team Photogenic on Vimeo.

What is your Day Job?

I am the co-founder and principal of LFB Advocacy Group, a company that works to support and guide people and organizations that wish to realize a vision of true social change and justice. We specialize in messaging, training, and branding. Our guiding belief is that each one of us is called to be a light, a flame and a beacon.

 What is your previous dance experience?

I took tap, ballet and jazz dance from the age of five through thirteen.  I’ve always loved dance and have spent many hours at the Century Ballroom learning salsa, swing, waltz, disco and Lindy Hop.

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

I have a very strong belief in social justice and what it means to help others when they’re in need. Plymouth Housing Group is instilling hope by providing shelter and dignity to homeless people, and that speaks to my heart and my personal belief that we must care for all of our citizens.

Cast Your Vote White background 2013Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

I’m having a custom mount made so that my trophy ball can go wherever I go. I’ll have the first Mini Cooper in Seattle with a disco ball trophy hood ornament!


Ricki_Mason-cropCharlene is dancing the Hustle with Ricki Mason

Ricki is a Seattle-based choreographer who primarily performs as persona Lou Henry Hoover, half of the drag dance duo The Cherdonna and Lou Show. She also performs as a showboy and co-host of internationally renowned Burlesque troupe, The Atomic Bombshells. Since graduating from the University of Michigan with a BFA in Dance, Ricki has danced for choreographers KT Niehoff (lingo dance theater), Laura Curry, Alex Martin, Karl Frost, Corrie Befort, and was a member of d9 Dance Collective. Ricki teaches at Velocity Dance Center and Century Ballroom.