Plymouth Housing Group visit

Ernie Pino

Watch Ernie Pino perform a Tango with professional dancer Katie Lake.

What is your Day Job?

I’m the President and founder of Producciones Pino. For the last 24 years we have been the Northwest’s premier Spanish language media consultants and advertising agency. We create TV, radio, print and electronic campaigns for the Hispanic market, and English-language ad agencies or businesses call upon us to help them convey their message in Spanish.

 What is your previous dance experience?

Growing up, my Mom and Dad ran a tight Latino ship at home. My sister and I were raised to strongly embrace the standard social graces, including some basic dance steps. I am by no means a pro-dancer, but I can hold my own at a wedding reception.

Cast Your Vote White background 2013Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

Having written Seattle Magazine’s Flash+Talk society page for the past 13+ years, I’ve developed knowledge of Plymouth Housing Group and the vital contributions it makes in our community. House and home are of paramount importance to me and to my spouse, Richard Gray. For this reason, Plymouth Housing Group remains fixed on my journalistic and personal radar.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

Rich and I built a new home in the north-end a few years ago and we enjoy sharing the good news that’s come our way during our 22 years together. The Mirror Ball will proudly grace either my home office or our library.

Katie Lake-cropErnie is dancing the Tango with Katie Lake

Katie began formal dance training in 1976 and has been a dance lover and enthusiast ever since. Recently, she helped to bring “Dancing Classrooms” (of “Mad, Hot Ballroom” fame) to Seattle area elementary schools. She’s thrilled to participate in Seattle Dances! and to share the joy of dance with the community.