Plymouth Housing Group visit

Jane Zalutsky

Watch Jane Zalutsky’s sultry Bachata with Jonathan Wingard-Phillips!

What is your Day Job?

I founded JZworks in 2009, after becoming a refugee from the financial service sector meltdown. After 25 years in both the non-profit and corporate world, I provide strategic counsel in the areas of marketing and business development to a variety of clients. I am passionate about community commitments, and am currently on the Seattle Repertory Theater and Seattle Community College Foundation boards.

What is your previous dance experience?

It’s been over three decades since my first performance with my high school dance group. I went on to study ballet and modern dance in Rhode Island and New York, and am excited to be ‘stepping up’ to the challenges of ballroom dancing!

Cast Your Vote White background 2013Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

It’s an honor to dust off the dancing shoes to help support Plymouth. It is a phenomenal organization that provides critical support and services in our community. I was recently on Plymouth’s Sustaining Hope Capital Campaign committee, and am delighted to continue to work with the fabulous team who put their hearts and souls into helping those who need it the most.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

The Mirror Ball Trophy will hang in the south-facing window of my office. It will remind me daily of the light and energy Plymouth provides to its clients. Plus, why not have a disco office?

Jonathan Wingard PhillipsJane is dancing the Bachata with Jonathan Wingard-Phillips

Jonathan was all but convinced that he had two left feet and no sense of rhythm until he started experimenting with Ballroom Dancing in 2005. He immediately fell in love with partner dancing, but Bachata is his new love. It gives him the opportunity to express himself and be creative with amazing music.