Plymouth Housing Group visit

John Teutsch

Watch Cyber Choice Winner John Teutsch perform the Cha Cha with Alison Cockrill!

What is your Day Job?

I’m a Seattle real estate developer and the founder of a commercial real estate development firm, Teutsch Partners LLC.

What is your previous dance experience?

Pretty basic!

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

I’m dancing to raise money for Plymouth and to promote the importance of providing housing that is a benefit for both the homeless people who are affected and the broader community. It’s great exercise, too!


Cast Your Vote White background 2013Where are you going to put your mirror ball trophy when you win?

I’m going to mount it as a hood ornament on my car!


Alison CockrillJohn is dancing the Cha Cha with Alison Cockrill

Joining Seattle Dances once again is Alison Cockrill, who began formal dance training at age 4, and a professional performing career in 1987. She has performed works by and toured internationally with modern dance choreographers Wade Madsen and Pat Graney. She has been teaching and performing Latin partner dances since the Century Ballroom opened in 1999.