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GARYPlymouth Housing Group’s mission is to eliminate homelessness and stabilize homeless and very low-income people in housing by preserving, developing and operating safe, decent, affordable housing, and by providing opportunities for homeless and very low-income people to improve their lives.

The purpose of Seattle Dances! is to raise funds to support Plymouth Housing Group’s programs and services for formerly homeless people who live in Plymouth apartments.

At Plymouth we provide permanent, supportive homes for people who have a long history of homelessness (sometimes decades) and who face complex barriers to accessing and maintaining housing.

Supportive, “housing first” apartments are the key to ending chronic homelessness.

Our residents struggle everyday with disabilities like mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe medical conditions, HIV/AIDS, chemical dependency, or developmental issues. In the past, many of them have been shut out of housing due to poverty, negative rental history, or a criminal record. Some lived in temporary shelters for years because there was nowhere else for them to go. All were in danger of early death.

At Plymouth, we know that without a stable home environment, people cannot improve their lives or regain their health. We encourage and assist the most disadvantaged women and men who have experienced homelessness and help them get back on their feet again. We are gratified that some of the people who come to live with us get well, reconnect with friends and family, and move on to steady employment, school, and more independent living.

Your support will help more than 1,100 people regain their dignity and rebuild their lives.

Plymouth is the place they can thrive. Our residents prosper when there is caring support to ensure they stay stable—eating regularly, going to counseling, taking medications, and learning life skills to help them navigate through society.

Today, Plymouth provides homes for more than 1,100 formerly-homeless people in 13 residential apartment buildings in or near downtown Seattle. Your support of Seattle Dances! will provide our residents with the wraparound support services and care they need to remain stable in housing for the long term.

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