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Ronnie Henderson

Watch Ronnie Henderson and Deron Hayes-Hirschy’s Night-of Performance

Ronnie Henderson and Deron Hayes-Hirschy's Night-of Performance from Shoko Toyama on Vimeo.


Ronnie Henderson Web HeadshotWhat is your Day Job?

I am the Private Banking Manager for HomeStreet Bank.

What is your previous dance experience?

I grew up Two Stepping in the South (North Carolina).

Why are you dancing for Plymouth Housing Group?

I’m excited to raise money for those in our community that need the most important thing of all, a place to call home. I’ve been involved with Plymouth Housing Group for about 10 years now and am moved by their work, and dedication to helping people have a better life. Personally, they have helped me with my mom who suffers from mental illness. I am forever grateful to them for that, and witnessed first hand, the love and care they show to those who haven’t been shown much love and care in their life.

Where are you going to put your Mirror Ball Trophy when you win?

My office for sure! This will engage my clients and colleagues in a conversation about Plymouth, their mission, and why I chose to dance and help raise money for this amazing organization.

Meet Professional Dancer Deron Hayes-Hirschy

Deron_HayesDeron Hayes-Hirschy was introduced to social dance at age 14 while living in Munich, Germany, and danced for about six months before moving back to the States. She then rediscovered her love for dance in college and hasn’t looked back since. Deron has been an integral member of the Century Ballroom team since 2000 and has been teaching & performing Salsa since 2003. Recently, she has discovered a new love: West Coast Swing, and has entered multiple national competitions, including the 2011 U.S. Open Swing Championships.

Deron has been a part of Seattle Dances for all seven years. Last year, she performed with celebrity dancer Paul Purcell and they took home the Cyber Choice Mirror Ball Trophy!  Watch their dance performance here.