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Which Celebrity Dancer is in the Lead?

Voting has been open for four weeks and our celebrity dance couples have raised more than $40,000 in votes via online donations. Way to go, everyone!

Want to know which celebrity dancer is in the leadIn the lead this week is…Actor and Community Volunteer, Eleanor Pollnow! BUT Eleanor better watch out. Adrienne Quinn, Deirdre Black and Kate Janeway are right on her heels.

Will Eleanor be able to maintain her lead in the sea competitors? Will Adrienne, Deirdre or Kate rise to the lead? Or, will one of the remaining dancers make a move from the back of the pack?
You can help decide NOW with your vote!

Our Celebrity Dancers:

Chris Beza Web Headshot Deirdre Black (2) Ronnie Henderson Web Headshot Kate Janeway Web Headshot

Eleanor Pollnow Web Headshot Adrienne Quinn Web Headshot Jon Scholes Web Headshot Desiree Hartsock Web Headshot

Vote for your favorite celebrity dancer with monetary gifts of $20, $50, $100 or more – the sky’s the limit! The dancer that raises the most online votes will be awarded the Cyber Choice Mirror Ball Trophy on March 12th.

And don’t forget, each dollar you give is a vote and a tax-deductible gift to Plymouth Housing Group. Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact Shoko Toyama at